What Are Good Gifts For Baby Shower Games

What Are Good Gifts For Baby Shower Games

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One of the best things about baby showers is playing games with your friends. Everyone knows someone who has just given birth, and everyone wants to have a chance to play the baby shower game before the new mom blows out all of the party guests in a matter-of-fact tone and says, “śYou know what? I don’t need any more presents. Our family is complete now!”ť We all know that statement isn’t going to happen for a long time after we give our guests an awkward laugh as they walk away from our doorstep. That’s why you should plan ahead and come up with some great gifts for baby showers that will help keep everyone entertained for a little while longer. This article will tell you everything you need to know about planning baby shower games so your guests will feel right at home and enjoy themselves without getting bored.

Decide on the Type of Game You’re Going to Play

There are a few different types of games that you can choose to play, depending on what your guests are interested in. One popular baby shower game is guessing how many jelly beans the hostess ate while pregnant. Another great option is to play a trust fall game where you have people sit down on the floor and then guess which person will be able to stay sitting the longest without falling off. This type of game is fun because it tests both mental and physical abilities, giving everyone something unique to do. Another good idea is playing a two-person baby shower word game. This type of game isn’t as physically demanding as other options, but it does require some teamwork and strategy. You can work together with your partner to come up with the best words for each round and figure out who has won after each round. One last suggestion is playing a name-that-baby-shower-game. The hostess will provide pictures of all of the guests at the party and have them try to identify each person’s name before moving onto the next one. There are plenty of different variations on this type of game that you can choose from, so make sure to take advantage of them all!

Have a pin the tail on the baby game

One of the best baby shower games is a pin the tail on the new mommy game. Everyone gets a picture of a baby-faced mom, and up to four guests play at a time. Each player has their job to try and find the way to get her to laugh. The first person who can make her laugh wins. The first player touches the mom’s forehead, then jogs around with their hands over their head in an exaggerated “śI found it!”ť pose. They then turn back around and point at their own belly button as they say, “śI found it! I found it!”ť The next player casually reaches out with one hand and tries to touch the belly button. After touching it, they quickly jump away from it and look around for someone else who is touching stomachs for them to touch their own belly button, but then quickly turn back when they realize no one was making fun of them.

Host a treasure hunt for clues about baby’s sex

One great baby shower game is hosting one of those secret treasure hunts. There are tons of online games that you can find that will work for your needs, too. The idea here is to give your guests a list of clues with different items on the list, and let them figure out what it means in terms of the baby’s sex. For example, the clue might be “śbelt”ť and then they have to go buy a belt so they can follow their clues on how to get the treasure. One way to make this even more fun is by planning a little race during the hunt. You could have teams, or have different groups of people compete against each other as they try to solve these clues before everyone else does. Another fun idea is getting all your guests who are playing into costumes for part of the mystery and tracking down who has found what treasure! You can also add some extra excitement into this game by having your friends dress up as characters from Disney movies like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty so they can find hidden items in their room! Just make sure you tell them not to tell anyone about where these items are because it would ruin the surprise for everyone else if someone found out!

Create an activity center for your guest to do at home

It’s no secret that baby showers are the ultimate party. The games and activities that you have planned will help your guests have a good time while they wait for the new mom to make an appearance. One of the best things your guests can do is give their new mom or dad a little break by playing in your activity center. You could create a fun game of charades or host a guessing game where everyone tries to guess what the new mom has in her diaper bag. These games will keep your guest entertained during those long, boring hours before the parents make it to the party and will also provide them with something to bring home when they leave.

Serve up some finger food for games like pass the parcel and blind man’s bluff

If you want to go the finger food route for baby shower games, serve up a platter of hors d’oeuvres like mini quiches, buffalo chicken wings, or mini pizzas. Just set out a few on each table and let your guests take part in passing them around. This can also be done with other types of food like sushi or cheese balls. Keep things interesting by asking guests to guess what they are or moving the food around while they are eating it to create some mystery! You can even add a little twist to the game by having everyone who guesses right sing a song that goes with the food they were guessing (for example: “śOoh la la”ť for pizza). You could also try using blind man’s bluff as one of your games. All you need is an empty box and some items that have no identifying features such as pencils, rubber bands, socks, shoes, and so forth. The first guest picks an item from the box and then tries to identify what is in their hand without actually looking at their hand. If they get it wrong read their answer aloud and give them another item from the box.

Serve up a game of cards for another type of game you can play at your shower

One of the best games for your baby shower is playing cards. There are so many ways that you can incorporate cards into your baby shower game. You could even do a themed game if you wanted to. For example, if you’re planning a game based on the color pink, you could have guests guess what object has been removed from the pack of playing cards. If they choose correctly, they get to keep the card and add it to their hand. Playing cards is also good because they’re relatively inexpensive and provide tons of entertainment value for a long time.

Plan in Advance

Planning your baby shower games in advance will help you avoid any last minute panic. It will also give you a chance to find some great gifts for baby showers that are perfect for the occasion. Plan ahead and make sure all of your guests have something to do when they come to the party. Having a game plan will also ensure that no one has to stop playing to clean up because it’s time for cake with the mom-to-be and her family.

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